The Patton Alley Pub

We at Patton Alley Pub embrace change, which you may have noticed lately, including  a little less live music, no cover charges with the exception of special events, and some new games in the front and back room.

After 13 years supporting live music every week, we decided to move away from being an “every weekend” live music venue. What we found was the cover charge was all too commonly not covering the needs of the bands, as well as feedback from our patrons consistently displayed their desire to simply come in and hang out. That being said, we will still occasionally have bands such as The Detectives on First Friday’s.

For those special events, we do bring in a band, we will charge a cover, and as always every cover charge will go directly to the band you are coming to dance the night away with. We love live music, but don’t want our patrons constantly paying a cover charge to come hang out with us. 

We’ve “Upped” our Game, Game

As previously mentioned, we have introduced a few new game systems for our patrons, and sometimes staff :), to enjoy. Ping Pong, racing games, bowling games, and golf games are some of our new additions to our “game, game”.

As usual our fun, friendly staff is here to bring you your favorite beverages, laugh and joke with you, and make you whole experience the best in town!





Burlesque in Springfield, Mo

When you think about burlesque in SGF, where does your mind travel? Do you think about a performance which can make you laugh, bring chills, and leave you wanting more? Well, this particular troupe we are featuring has it all! The Kinky Cabaret presents their one year anniversary, classic burlesque show at Patton Alley Pub. Sultry, sweet, and down-right classy, the ladies of Kinky Cabaret know how to put on a performance.

A Brief History

 Burlesque hit America in the 1840’s, becoming successful in 1868 with it Victorian burlesque style, popularized by The British Blondes, according to Burlexe Magazine. Naturally, this was considered a scandal back in those days sparking outrage from New York citizens, but that didn’t stop women from stepping outside of their comfort zone to shape a new era of entertainment. These new shows played off satire and comedy, and included acrobatics, song and dance, and magicians, but were largely women depicting themselves as men. It wasn’t until the 1870’s and the introduction of Mabel Santley, who decided women were already the stars of the show and needed to embrace their femininity, that the shift from depicting a man’s world changed to women taking the stage as themselves and putting on one hell of a show while they were at it. Emboldened and ready to steal the spotlight, another new age of entertainment was born; Classic American Burlesque…Thank you, Mabel Santley!

The Ladies of The Kinky Cabaret

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Head Mistress and founder, Miss Love Lee, and her right-hand lady, Miss Mischief Managed, to explore what their behind-the-scenes life looks like, and what makes the Kinky Cabaret ladies so alluring. What we discovered is, Kinky Cabaret began April 2, 2016 and they have never looked back. “I decided to start this burlesque troupe to prove to myself I could do it,” explains Ms. Love Lee. “Ultimately it has turned into a really cool experience and I fell in love with it- with the rehearsals, the costumes, being on stage, all of it.”

This love for burlesque doesn’t stop with Miss Love Lee, all members love what they do and feel empowered by embracing and finding themselves within the world of burlesque. There are 5 members of Kinky Cabaret, as well as featured special quest performers such as Vixen Kitten, who will grace the stage with this powerhouse company at their 1 year anniversary show on April 1st with Patton Alley Pub.

Needless to say, we at Patton Alley Pub are excited to host this amazing event with these beautiful ladies! 






WHISKEY 101, JUNE 20TH 6 P.M. TO 8 P.M.

Copper Run, a premier distillery continually on the rise in our ever growing city of Springfield, Mo., is constantly surprising us with their wonderful line of spirits, and laying the ground work for other small distilleries to follow in their footsteps. Patton Alley had the opportunity to team up with this great establishment to bring our patrons the best of the best in a one-night event with Whiskey 101! What does that mean, you ask? Well, Copper Run’s finest will be gracing our stage with their spirits for a night of fantastic drinks, a mixology demonstration, hors d’oeuvres, and an experience you won’t forget.



Jim Blansit, Copper Run Distillery’s owner, is a charismatic, fun guy who has always had a passion for creating great spirits. He began as a hobby in the early 90’s distilling on his own time and serving his creations up to his friends and family in San Diego, CA. He started noticing the new found popularity of microbreweries, as they began to spring up all over the country, so he decided to try his hand at brewing beer. He landed a job at a local brewery in San Diego at 20 years old, deciding to perfect his craft, “To make good whiskey, you need to know how to make good beer. All that knowledge in beer brewing helped with the basics of distilling whiskey.” He knew he had the coolest hobby, ever and wanted to be the best. “Back in those days, there was no school to learn how to make moonshine, if your grandpa didn’t teach you, you were teaching yourself.” Needless to say, he had a lot of fun… I mean, a lot! Though he learned some cool techniques, he wanted a change of scenery and to see what else he could learn from the brewing process, so he moved to good ‘ole Spring-town and began working for a brewery here.
In February 2009, Jim Blansit’s destiny would stay quiet no more. He applied for licensing, got it, and opened Copper Run Distillery. “Because we have been selling our spirits so quickly, we have been limited to young whiskey…” Don’t worry though, as I said before, their spirits are second to none

What Does the Future Hold?   

They can’t seem to keep their product on the shelves, but that isn’t stopping them! They are pioneers in the spirit industry, and wouldn’t dream of strictly sticking to distribution. Every Friday and Saturday night they host a party on their front porch with live music and great beverages. But, it’s simply not enough! They are expanding their prowess by building a large outdoor music venue and landscaping the property to match their larger-than-life imagination. 

Not only are they finished with strictly providing young whiskey, they are expanding their indoor facility so that they can fill barrels full of whiskey, forget about them, and allow the aging process to do its job. Yet again, that’s not all! “This winter we will see and expansion in the indoor area as well, so we can enjoy music, cocktails, and comradery.”
When I asked Jim what his favorite thing was about owning his own distillery, he simply stated, “Small batch production, we make one barrel at a time and this allows for unlimited creativity.”

Thanks Jim for your desire to bring us the best there is!

What Does Patton Have to Do With It?

Patton Alley Pub has been working with Copper Run Distillery for some time now, basking in the brilliance that is Copper Run’s spirits. We saw just how fantastic they were and still are, and jumped at the chance to carry their product. Yes, we will always have their spirits in-house! We love working with local establishments- it’s kind of our thing. We have always found great interest in supporting local business and don’t intend to stop. We especially love working with businesses who want nothing more than to grow and expand their creativity, just as we always want to do. Patton Alley Pub has been a premier establishment for those beverages you can’t find anywhere else, and we want to provide an atmosphere of comradery with our fellow partners.   
Find how you can become part of this one-time experience by purchasing your tickets here,

Can’t wait to see you all there!